United States Discusses Releasing Vaccine Patents – Summary 3

Recently, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said that President Joe Biden’s administration “was considering options to maximize the world’s lowest-cost production and supply of vaccines, including backing a proposed exemption from vaccines. intellectual property rights ”, although he acknowledged that“ no final decision has yet been made ”.

Consulted regarding this possibility, Lorentz said that “people are focusing a lot on patents” and assured that this “is not the right way.”

In addition, he anticipated that “there will be a lot of resistance from the companies that produce them”, due to a question of “integrity of knowledge.” “They are going to try to prevent them from passing to adversary countries,” he said.

Another of the arguments against, wielded by the doctor, was that “it has already reached a point where the production of vaccines has increased tremendously.”

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The second of the options evaluated by The United States is promoting the manufacture of vaccines in other countries, an alternative on which there has not been a defining statement.

However, for the specialist “the way is to enable more doses to be exported” and not “to lead them to be produced elsewhere”.

“Opening patents is not the only step. The factor that limits the production of vaccines in other countries is the availability and correct production of raw material. Vaccines and drugs are different in their production, they are more complicated, “he said.

In the speech on the occasion of the completion of his first 100 days in office, the American president assured: “We will become an arsenal of vaccines for other countries, just as we were the arsenal of democracy during World War II.”

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However, whatever the decision, the truth is that Biden will need the approval of Congress.

Figures recently published by international organizations showed that 75% of vaccines are distributed in 10 rich countries and, in addition, there are more than 130 countries – where some 2,500 million people live – that have not received a single dose.

Interview with Fernando Genesir and Cynthia Zak.


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