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The president of United States, Donald Trump, said Tuesday that there is “zero” possibility that his government will force him to leave office by invoking the 25th Amendment to the Constitution,, and denounced the “assault on freedom of expression” that has loomed over him and his followers after the attack on the Capitol.

In a speech during his visit to the wall on the border with Mexico, Trump referred for the first time to the requests of the Democratic opposition that his vice president, Mike Pence, start a process to remove him under that constitutional amendment.

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“Amendment 25 is zero risk for me, but it will take its toll on (the president-elect) Joe Biden and its Administration. As the expression says, be careful what you wish for, “Trump said, without clarifying what he was referring to, since Biden has not explicitly asked for that mechanism to be activated.

The Lower House plans to approve a bill on Tuesday that will urge Pence to activate that amendment, which indicates that the vice president can replace the president if he declares in writing, with the support of a majority of the cabinet, that the president “is incapable” of carrying out the position.

US Vice President Mike Pence (d) and President Donald Trump (i).

However, Pence has so far refused to put that impeachment mechanism in place and is highly unlikely to do so. Before Trump has to hand over power to Biden next January 20.

In his statements in the border town of Alamo (Texas), Trump also again referred to the process that Democrats have initiated in the Lower House to subject him to a impeachment for his responsibility in the assault on the Capitol, hours after calling that initiative “absolutely ridiculous.”

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“(The impeachment process) is causing tremendous anger, division and pain far greater than most people will ever understand, which is very dangerous for the United States, especially at this delicate time“, dijo Trump.

The Lower House plans to vote this Wednesday to formally accuse
Trump to “incite an insurrection”
of his followers before the assault on the Capitol, which will force the Senate to subject him to a second impeachment trial to be held once Biden is already in power.

We believe in legality, not in violence or riots

The outgoing president – who, before taking off for Texas, defended his speech before the assault on the Capitol as “totally appropriate” – called for the country to move towards “peace,” but once again inflamed the tensions generated by his own suspension and that of thousands of his followers on social networks like Twitter. “Freedom of expression is under unprecedented assault,” denounced the outgoing president.

Trump defined as a “mob” those followers of his who they stormed the Capitol – whom he had described as “very special people” during the attack – and affirmed that he does not believe in “bringing down” the country’s institutions.

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“We believe in legality, not in violence or riots,” added the president, who has sent all kinds of contradictory messages about those responsible for the assault on the Capitol since the event.

Finally, the president called for peace and calm, after the events that occurred last week in Washington. “Now is the time for our nation to recover and it is the time for peace and calm.“, dijo Trump.

Washington protests

Images of the capture of the Capitol last Wednesday.

US justice seeks to indict hundreds for attack on Capitol

The United States Department of Justice said Tuesday that it expects hundreds of indictments against the people who participated in the attack on the Capitol last week, some for charges of sedition and conspiracy.

United States Attorney for the District of Columbia Michael Sherwin said he expected hundreds of criminal charges to be filed in connection with the assault on the Capitol on Wednesday by supporters of President Donald Trump.

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Steven D’Antuono, chief of the FBI’s Washington office, said while the agency has “opened more than 160 case files” until now. “And that’s just the tip of the iceberg,” D’Antuono said at a news conference. “We have already made accusations in more than 70 cases,” Sherwin said.

“That number, I suspect, is going to grow into the hundreds.” While the initial arrests have involved minor charges such as burglary and robbery, Sherwin said they were being evaluated. “serious crime cases related to sedition and conspiracy“which carry sentences of up to 20 years in prison.

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