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Students were studying Arabic programs in Cairo

A Scottish university has recalled nine of its students studying in Egypt, concerned about their safety.

The University of Edinburgh said that two of the students studying in the capital, Cairo, had been arrested by the authorities.

The couple has since been released but the university has advised all students to return home.

The nine students studying in Egypt have returned or are returning to Scotland.

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A university spokesman said: "The university is obviously very worried when it hears about incidents of this kind, especially when they relate to our own students. .

"We have a responsibility to act in the best interest of our students and to take decisive action when their safety and well-being are at stake."

"So we asked the nine of our students in Egypt to leave the country and all the students have now left Egypt or are about to do so."

The students were divided between the American University of Cairo and the International Language Institute of the city, where they undertook training programs in Arabic.

The spokesman added: "We work closely with students to minimize the impact of any interruption of their studies and to offer alternative investments."

Following anti-government protests in Egypt last month, several foreign nationals were arrested, released and sent back as part of a crackdown by the authorities that resulted in more than 2,900 arrests.