Upcoming Apple Watch Models Will Include a Blood Glucose Monitor

The company Apple with his Apple Watch is betting more and more to expand its fitness and health tracking meters, which is expected to join in the new Apple Watch next year on blood glucose monitor, as reported by the British media ‘Telegraph’.

Specifically, this method could help people with diabetes reduce the need to go through the current method for measurement, which goes through a needle stick and subsequent blood draw for testing, thus offering an equally valid and fast system.

Although some details about its full functioning are still to be known, it is anticipated that the glucose measurement It is carried out by means of optical sensors, allowing an approximate and constant reading of sugar levels.

The glucose measurement would be carried out using optical sensors, allowing an approximate and constant reading of the sugar levels

However, despite the fact that the Apple Watch will offer help to control these sugar levels, nor will they completely replace the use of glucometers. And it is that as is currently the case with blood pressure measurement functions, a calibration will continue to be necessary, from time to time, using the data and measurements of a dedicated device.

Notably, according to previous reports, the Apple company has been pursuing non-invasive blood sugar monitoring technology for years.

And while you may not get full approval from the United States Drug Agency (FDA) As a medical device, a glucose monitoring smartwatch would be of great interest to the millions of people with type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

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