Self-delivering cargo

UPS has been using quiet autonomous trucks since May to deliver freight between Phoenix, Tucson and Arizona. The supplier announced today that it has acquired a minority interest in TuSimple, a San Diego-based Chinese autonomous startup for long-haul trucks, and has tested the company's trucks with its own cargo.

For now, however, a driver remains behind the wheel, which is required by law when a self-propelled vehicle has an on-board computer that has full control of its operation.


According to a press release, TuSimple has promised UPS that its self-driving trucks can cut the cost of shipping goods by 30 percent.

TuSimple's Navistar trucks are equipped with nine cameras to view and analyze the environment. The startup is also supported by technology giants Nvidia, which is developing its own autonomous driving platform.

Starts and ends

The news comes after Uber closed its self-driving truck division months after one of its self-driving cars hit and killed a pedestrian in Arizona.

And in May, the US Post announced that it would also be shipping self-propelled trucks over the 1000-mile stretch between Dallas and Phoenix.

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