URGENT! From Uruguay they say that Barcelona is sanctioned. What happened?

President of River (URU) confirms that BSC is prevented from making transfers and warns of more sanctions from FIFA. WHAT HAPPENED?

“We have tried to speak with the previous and current authorities about Gabriel Marques’ debt, I cannot believe that a large team like BSC does not pay its debts. It catches my attention that they do not honor their commitments, we are talking about one of the great teams in America ”, Willie Tucci began in dialogue with ‘Area Deportiva’ (99.3 FM).

“Gabriel is following what needs to be done (today he returned to training, continuing his recovery from a knee injury), we have asked him to always dedicate himself to what he has to do, which is to play football. It is not good that he glimpses in things that have nothing to do with soccer practice ”.

“They have to pay, this is not a problem of mind or feeling, this is a very practical issue. There is a debt that has many years, it was not paid, it was necessary to go to court with the costs and the time that it takes. Justice failed, a deadline was given (to BSC) and again it failed to comply. It is not about feeling. If I have a debt, I have to meet it, “he stressed.

“BSC is currently unable to incorporate and transfer players. If it continues not to comply, it would go to loss of points and loss of category. I don’t know exactly how much time has to pass, I think there are two or three transfer markets that have to pass. The first sanction is a ban on making transfers and then comes the loss of points and others ”.

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