Uruguay surpasses epidemiological barrier of 100 covid cases in one day

(CNN Español) –– Uruguay is one of the Latin American countries that has had the lowest rates of contagion and deaths from covid-19. However, after several weeks in which it seemed that the country was keeping the virus at bay, with very few infections, a new wave started, which led to more than 100 cases on Tuesday. A figure that the authorities had marked as the limit of epidemiological control.

“If we reach the area of ​​100 cases, the game begins to get complicated,” said the coordinator of the Honorary Scientific Advisory Group (GACH). This group supports the decisions of the government of Uruguay for the management of the pandemic. “Not everything collapses, but the light is yellow,” he added, in an interview with Radio Sarandí.

“The three figures are a major concern for Uruguay,” explained, for his part, his GACH colleague, Henry Cohen, in the program En Perspectiva.

And that concern finally came. Uruguay surpassed that barrier. That implies the risk of losing control over the epidemiological thread of each case. Something that until now, in a small country with a low population density like Uruguay, has been possible.

“We are concerned,” said the Secretary of the Presidency, Álvaro Delgado. In response to this situation, the authorities announced some measures: increasing the number of tests and trackers. However, the Minister of Public Health, Daniel Salinas, warned: “Not because we have more tests and more tracers can we afford to continue increasing cases.”

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In addition, the authorities dedicated minutes of propaganda to ask young people to take care of themselves, using masks and not sharing drinks, at a time when Uruguayans begin to say goodbye to the year with parties and prepare for the southern summer holidays. In addition, a time when thousands of Uruguayans living abroad plan to return to their country to spend the holidays and vacations with their loved ones. Which increases the risk even more.

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