US Apple Stores Begin Returning to In-Store Shopping and Reopen More Locations

Apple is reintroducing in-store shopping appointments at many US Apple Stores that have been operating as Express storefronts. Other temporarily closed locations are reopening for online order picking.

After months of reduced service and prioritization of pickups during a busy holiday season, your local Apple Store may seem a little more normal the next time you visit. Express store windows, the armored kiosks that were introduced before the iPhone 12 launch and rolled out in all but a dozen stores in the US, are disappearing almost as fast as they appeared. That means you will soon be able to get in and get back to spending time on the products.

Since February 8, Apple Stores in Alaska, Oregon, Wisconsin, Colorado, Michigan, Delaware, Maryland, and the Washington, DC metropolitan area have reintroduced shopping sessions. The Manhattan, Hawaii, and Maine locations have continued to offer in-store service through the winter.

In total, 39 U.S. stores offer shipping as of February 12, and more can be expected to make the switch assuming local health conditions remain stable. Stores that abandon their Express storefronts are generally located in regions with a decreasing number of new COVID-19 infections. Buying online is still the safest option.

Browse the map below to see which stores currently offer in-store purchases 🟢 and which are open for express pickup 🚀. This map is updated once a day.

Apple is also reopening a handful of stores in North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas for the first time since mid-January. Most locations will initially offer online order picking only, as all regions are still experiencing increased COVID-19 activity. Please note that Apple assesses health and safety conditions regularly, and store services may change at any time. Just over 200 of the 270 Apple stores in the US have reopened, including locations in the San Francisco Bay area.

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