US donated 22 biosecurity capsules for COVID patients

The United States government delivered 22 “biosecurity capsules” to Argentina for the safe transfer of COVID19 patients.

It is a donation that came through an agreement between the humanitarian assistance program of the United States Department of State and the Ministry of Defense, reported sources from the portfolio led by Agustín Rossi and the US embassy. The embassy until the government of Joe Biden names ambassador, will be in charge of his charge d’affaires MaryKay Carlson.

These isolation capsules, of which 10 will go to the Ministry of Defense and 12 to the Ministry of Health, They allow to avoid the contagion of coronavirus among the personnel involved in the transfer of patients, as is the case with doctors, ambulance drivers, orderlies, pilots and flight personnel.

In that sense, the closed cabin and the negative pressure inside these devices “prevent the possibility of leaking contaminated air to the outside, thus providing correct ventilation for the patient and avoiding the accumulation of carbon dioxide, “according to a statement from the Ministry of Defense.

These special stretchers, which have an autonomy of 5 continuous hours, will not only help the safe transfer of patients with covid-19, but also those who suffer from other infectious diseases such as hantavirus, Ebola, yellow fever or chemical or radiological contamination.

“These capsules are a symbol of the growing cooperation between our countries, and they remind us that the region is safer and more prosperous when Argentina and the United States work together to address common challenges,” Carlson.

“These twenty-two transport capsules and the thirteen ozone generators will be of great help and protection for the Argentine lifeguardss who heroically face the pandemic, by allowing them to quickly transport critically ill COVID-19 patients to specialized care centers that can save their lives, “he added.

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“The national government has its ministries working together, as is the case of Health and Defense, and it is an interesting resource that we are going to distribute among all the provinces. This enhances the idea of ​​a social and global commitment and international solidarity”, The Argentine Health Minister, Ginés González García, asserted in the act of delivery of the capsules.

In that same meeting, Rossi affirmed that in the current context of the pandemic this delivery “acquires a particular meaning”, because “it allows the effective equipping” of the Armed Forces “so that they can continue to provide assistance to the demand of the population of the entire country.”

“The flow of cooperation in the defense area between Argentina and the United States is a growing flow that we always strengthen and that will surely intensify over time,” said the minister.

According to the latest official data, Argentina accumulates 2,039,124 cases and 50,616 deaths from coronavirus since the first contagion was notified on March 3.

The United States and Argentina have a degree of fluid cooperation in different areas, and in which many times this country does not agree to buy material at its prices, it ends up receiving donations. This occurs in both Defense and Security, where short circuits are not lacking.

The last two were: Argentina’s refusal to participate in a joint operation with a US fishing patrol in the South Atlantic, and the Foreign Ministry’s protest for the navigation of a nuclear-powered submarine also off the Argentine coast. although on the high seas.


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