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Legend of the media"Little Michael" Bloomberg will hurt Biden – Trump

US President Donald Trump mocked the former mayor of New York City Michael Bloomberg while he was ready to embark on the run at home. -Blanche.

S addressing reporters, Mr Trump said about the billionaire businessman: "I do not prefer running against anyone but little Michael."

Bloomberg is expected to file documents for the presidential primary in Alabama later on Friday.

But counselors say that he has not yet made his final decision.

What does President Trump say?

On Friday, Trump said Bloomberg "does not have the magic" to get to the White House.

He continued, "He's not going to do well, but I think he's really going to hurt Biden."

Calling it "nothing," Trump said Friday that Bloomberg would "fail" when he joined the Democratic race.

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Legend of the mediaBloomberg at the BBC in 2018: "I'd like to make a difference"

What did the Bloomberg assistant say?

Bloomberg adviser Howard Wolfson said in a statement: "We must now finish the job and make sure Trump is defeated.

"But Mike is more and more concerned that the current group of candidates is not in a position to do it."

Mr. Bloomberg would be fully aware that such late entry into the race could present challenges in states like Iowa and New Hampshire, where other Democrats have been campaigning for months. .

The Bloomberg team would have seen a possible path for the so-called Super Tuesday contests in March, when 14 states, including California, Alabama and Colorado, will vote one day for their favorite White House candidate.

Bloomberg, 77, plans to run for the White House as an independent candidate in 2008 and 2016.

In March of this year, he declared that he would not run for president. But he is supposed to have recently expressed his skepticism that any member of the current Democratic Party could beat Mr. Trump in elections a year or so ago.

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Bloomberg and Trump, pictured here playing golf in 2007, were once friendly

What happens next?

If Mr. Bloomberg shows up on the Alabama ballot by Friday, he will still have to register in other states.

His advisers would be preparing the necessary documents for other States in the coming deadlines. Arkansas and New Hampshire require candidates to apply by next week.

Statewide statewide votes, known as primaries and caucuses, will be held from February of next year to choose a Democratic White House candidate.

The eventual winner will be crowned at the Wisconsin party in July. He or she should face President Trump, a Republican, in the November general election.

In total, 17 Democratic candidates compete to become the party's flag bearer.

Joe Biden, Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren, and Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders are currently in the lead.

What is the other reaction?

Mr Biden told reporters on Friday that he had "no problem" with Mr Bloomberg's entry into the Democratic group.

"Michael is a solid guy," said Biden. "Let's see where it's going."

Mrs. Warren welcomed Mr. Bloomberg to race on Twitterby logging into their own campaign website and suggesting to the former mayor to take a look at the potential action plans.

In a tweet apparently directed to Mr. Bloomberg, Mr. Sanders wrote: "The billionaire class is scared and they should be scared."

Some recent opinion polls have suggested that Mrs. Warren and Mr. Sanders – who are more politically liberal than Mr. Biden – could face a difficult battle against Mr. Trump.

The Republican National Committee said in a statement that the billionaire's potential entry "underscores the weak Democratic field".

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Bernie Sanders, Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren currently lead the field of Democratic candidates

Who is Bloomberg?

Bloomberg's net worth is $ 52 billion, according to Forbes. That's almost 17 times more than Mr. Trump's ($ 3.1 billion).

He was a banker on Wall Street before creating the empire of the financial edition that bears his name.

He successfully led a campaign for the mayor of New York in 2001, remaining in office three times in a row until 2013.

A philanthropist, he has donated millions of dollars to educational, medical and other causes.

What does Bloomberg believe in?

Originally a Democrat, Bloomberg became a Republican to mount his campaign at the New York City Hall in 2001.

Now considered a moderate democrat, he joined the party only last year.

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Michael Bloomberg Highlighted Climate Change and Gun Control

Mr. Bloomberg has liberal views on issues such as climate change, gun control, immigration and the right to abortion.

He was credited this week with helping the Democrats take control of the Virginia legislature, after his $ 3.50-million gun control group, Everytown for Gun Safety. in the election of the state.

But Bloomberg is more conservative on topics such as the economy and policing.

As mayor, he defended the New York police policy, which critics said was disproportionately targeted at African Americans and Hispanics. Black voters are an essential constituency for Democrats.

At City Hall, Mr. Bloomberg banned large sodas to prevent obesity, but was rejected by the state's Supreme Court.