US immigration policy is similar to what Trump inherited

Washington. The expectations on immigration that were put on the table by then-presidential candidate Joe Biden are facing a difficult environment to assimilate.

Since President Biden arrived at the White House, he justified the continuity of Trump’s immigration policy through Title 42: of the statute of the US Code that deals with welfare and public health. Claiming the issue of the pandemic.

In circles close to the Mexican president, voices are heard about a certain skepticism about the supposed change in immigration policy. For example, about minors Biden had said: “we are not going to leave them alone”, but last week he backed off: “do not send your children.”

In the field of corruption, the US government is questioning the viability of its aid to Central America because, precisely, it points to it as one of the reasons that encourage the migration of Central Americans to the north.

Ricardo Zúñiga and Juan González have been sent from Biden to pressure Central American presidents and put the conditions of collaboration on the table. Mexico could receive pressure on the issue, and additionally, on the issue of security.

For the academic Ana Teresa Gutiérrez del Ciid, “The United States implements a policy of double standards because we have the case of the company Burisma Holding where Biden’s son, Hunter, was part of the Executive Council and received bank transfers close to 4 million euros. Dollars. He also organized a meeting with Ukrainian businessmen and his father to close contracts ”.

Therefore, Del Cid points out that the Mexican government must defend its positions.

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Biden said yesterday that he resurrected a plan to increase refugee admissions this year to 62,500, after sparking a wave of criticism from his supporters.

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