USA 2020 elections: Will there be a new debate between Trump and Biden?

On October 9, the Presidential Debates Commission announced that the next meeting between current White House leader Donald Trump and former vice president and now Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden has been officially canceled.

The event was scheduled for next Thursday, October 15 in Miami, Florida. Through this encounter, both Donald Trump and Joe Biden were to be questioned directly by voters. However, due to the president’s positive for coronavirus, the Commission decided that the best way to conduct the debate was virtually.

For his part, Donald Trump refused to participate in a virtual debate and suggested running the event to October 29, just five days before the elections, however, both Joe Biden and the Commission, refused to agree to his requests, reason for which, the second meeting was officially canceled.

Unsurprisingly, the cancellation of the second debate due to Trump’s negativity upset Biden’s team, who quickly stated that the agent does not have the necessary courage to respond to his balance.

“Trump obviously does not have the courage to respond to voters about his balance. It’s embarrassing that Donald Trump dodged the only debate where voters could ask questions, but it’s no surprise”Said Andrew Bates, Joe Biden’s spokesman for AFP.

USA 2020 elections: Will there be a new debate between Trump and Biden?

And although this second meeting was canceled, this does not mean that there will not be another debate between the Democratic candidate and the Republican, since lhe Presidential Debates Commission has already organized everything for a final meeting between the candidates.

In fact, The next debate between the President, Donald Trump, and the former vice president, Joe Biden, is scheduled for next Thursday, October 22. The event will be held in Nashville, Tennessee, And like the first meeting, it will last 90 minutes.

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