USA, Britain, Canada, Lithuania and Poland held a meeting on Ukraine

The United States, Britain, Canada, Lithuania and Poland held a meeting on Ukraine, the State Department said. They expressed concern about the “growth of Russian military activity” near Ukraine.

The meeting was chaired by British Defense Secretary Ben Wallace. The United States was represented by Acting Deputy Defense Secretary Amanda Dory. “Russia’s destabilizing actions undermine the de-escalation of tensions that was reached by an agreement mediated by the OSCE on July 27, 2020,” the American side said.

During the meeting, a commitment was expressed to provide combat training and support to strengthen the capabilities of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The countries indicated that this is necessary in order to preserve the territorial integrity of the country and continue to move towards achieving interoperability with NATO forces.

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said at a briefing that the US Department of Defense is seeing a rapid increase in the number of Russian troops along the border with Ukraine, including in Crimea.

“It is not completely clear what the Russians are doing there, and we want to understand this,” he said, adding that this uncertainty does not contribute to a more stable and secure situation.


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