USA has no closer ally than Great Britain

This confession should be well received in the British capital: After the change of power in the White House, Great Britain feared the deterioration of the traditional “special relationship” between the two states, as the relationship between British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and the new US President was considered to be burdened applies.

Johnson had made no friends with the US Democrats when, during the election campaign before the 2016 Brexit referendum, he insinuated in a newspaper article that ex-President Barack Obama had a grudge against the former colonial power Great Britain because of his Kenyan roots. Biden later referred to Johnson as a “physical and emotional clone” of his predecessor Donald Trump.

Foreign Minister Raab emphasized on Monday that they stand “shoulder to shoulder” and share many common values ​​and interests. The USA and Great Britain also worked closely together when it came to condemning human rights violations and holding states accountable – as was most recently the case with China.

The foreign ministers of the G7 countries are meeting this week for the first time in two years for personal deliberations. It should be about current conflicts in Afghanistan, Myanmar or Ukraine, but also about future goals and challenges.

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