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The United States has not been able to confirm that Turkey has tested the Russian-made S-400 anti-aircraft system, but warned on Friday that there will be “potential serious consequences”, which would include the threat of sanctions, if Ankara activates this weapon.

“If confirmed, we will condemn in the strongest terms the S-400 missile launch tests as an action incompatible with Turkey’s responsibilities as a NATO ally and strategic partner of the United States,” he assured DPA. US Defense Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus by email.

Ortagus has pointed out that the United States “Has been clear” about his expectation S-400 systems were not used.

During this Friday, Turkey has conducted its first live test of surface-to-air missilese of the Russian-made S-400 antiaircraft defense system, according to local media, although this has not been immediately confirmed by the Executive.

From Washington, it is feared that These S-400s engage American F-35 fighters. Turkey has been suspended from the program for the joint manufacture of this aircraft after having irritated its allies in NATO by purchasing this advanced Russian system last year despite threats of sanction by the United States.

Turkey announced military exercises

The S-400 is considered one of the best defensive systems of its kind with the ability to shoot flying targets 400 kilometers away.

Presumably, a missile fired by this equipment was launched from the Black Sea city of Sinop across the Russian coastline, as published by the local media A Haber, which has attached a video recorded by a local witness in which it was seen as a column of smoke rose to the sky from a residential area.

A series of tests could take place over a 10-day period in which British-made Banshee drones will be used as targets. In this way, the range, detection and tracking capabilities, as well as the radar and communication systems of the S-400s would be tested.

Earlier in the week, Turkey issued a maritime alert advising that would do military exercises with shooting on October 16 and 17 in the vicinity of Sinop. Last week, videos appeared on social networks in which trucks were allegedly shown carrying S-400 batteries to this city.

Previously, a radar connection test had been carried out last year at a military airport where it used an F-16 fighter, according to local media.

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