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Unlike in Great Britain, there is a shortage of vaccines in Germany. A special staff should now remove this

The UK seems to want to prove right now that membership in the EU is not all good. For a few days, the international media have been overwhelmed with reports about British vaccination successes. In the meantime, a good 15 million vaccine doses have been administered in Great Britain. This has achieved the goal, all over 70 year olds, the health and social workers on the front line, the residents of nursing homes and especially clinically vaccinate vulnerable people.

The fact that no other country in Europe is vaccinating faster than Great Britain is due to its “vaccination queen”, who is called Kate Bingham in real life. Ms. Bingham, who is a “venture capitalist” by profession, according to Der Spiegel, and probably only has to wait a while before she is raised to the nobility, got through December Voluntarily headed the UK Vaccine Taskforce.

Even critics of the Brexit course admit, according to CNN, that the British go it alone, thanks to Ms. Bingham, did not lead to the bottlenecks in vaccine procurement they feared. Kate Bingham signed early contracts with pharmaceutical companies and secured hundreds of millions of vaccine doses. “We did that”, so Frau Bingham, “because we were quick and nimble”.

Vaccination rate in Germany in the lower percentage range

Those responsible in this country are also very happy to act fast and nimble. But in Germany, which is also the headquarters of one of the world’s leading corona vaccine manufacturers, the number of vaccinations to date is 4.7 million, less than a third of the number of vaccinations in Great Britain (Stand: 19.02). So far, 3.7 out of 100 residents in Germany have been vaccinated at least once. Almost two percent of the population received a second vaccination.

A good 78 million inhabitants of Germany are currently not vaccinated against Covid-19. At the current pace of the vaccination campaign in Germany – around one million vaccine doses per week – it will take until mid-October 2022 before every inhabitant could theoretically receive at least one vaccination.

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Even those in charge of politics in Germany have recognized that this pace, especially in combination with ongoing lockdown measures, is politically unacceptable. That is why the federal government is now reacting, certainly not prematurely, to the “corona vaccine shortage”, which shows a lack of foresight on the part of those responsible here, by setting up a “special staff”. This should organize state investments in vaccine production.

“In discussions with manufacturers,” said Health Minister Jens Spahn at the end of the week, “we found that there are quite a few manufacturers who are thinking about investing in Germany.” The “special staff” should now ensure that this reflection accelerates and leads to more investments in vaccine production. They also want to build up reserves for the next pandemic.

The “vaccine czar” should fix it

The position of the vaccine officer should be Christoph Krupp, who was previously spokesman for the board of the Federal Agency for Real Estate Tasks, take. Since one can apparently learn from the British in these matters, Manager Magazin calls Mr. Krupp as a precautionary measure “Vaccine Tsar”. Mr. Krupp, according to media reports A long-time confidante of Finance Minister Olaf Scholz, is to ensure sufficient supplies of raw materials and movement in the supply chains.

How strong and how quickly the “special staff” will boost vaccine deliveries remains to be seen. The British vaccination queen Kate Bingham was deployed from May last year. In any case, one thing is already certain: the fears of some that the German authorities wanted to “vaccinate” the population as quickly as possible have not been confirmed.
(Thomas Schuster)

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