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We are fully involved in the global vaccination campaign due to the coronavirus pandemic. As a consequence, authorities and social agents around the world are committed to instilling a positive culture about the advantages of being vaccinated to combat the virus. As part of this global awareness campaign, WhatsApp has published a pack of stickers called ‘Vaccines’ which is about the same thing: vaccines.

The stickers They are all concentrated in a kind of official store where we can download the ones we like the most. So we either download them all or we do not download any of them. Hence, you must take it into account when not collapsing the part dedicated to these contents on the WhatsApp keyboard.

El pack the stickers Vaccines de WhatsApp

The new sticker pack has been developed in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO). The platform has also teamed up with more than 150 national, state and local governments, as well as organizations such as WHO and UNICEF, to offer authenticated COVID-19 information and resources to its users around the world.

Vaccine stickers on WhatsApp about Covid-19 WhatsApp

The Vaccines for All sticker pack on WhatsApp brings 23 stickers designed by WHO and is available for download on both Android and iOS. His goal is that people “express your joy, relief and hope for the possibilities offered by COVID-19 vaccines“.

How to install Stickers on WhatsApp

To go to that kind of official store, you must click on the icon of the stickers that you have in the same box where you write in the app. Once there you will see the collections that you have installed and, on the right, a “+” inside a circle. Tap there to go to the store. At that moment you will see all the available packs with a download indicator that, when touched, will start the download to our terminal of all stickers.

As you can see from the screens, when a pack of these stickers is already on our phone downloaded, a check that indicates it. And the truth is that, as there are not many, it will not take you too long to download them all to get rid of that of returning from time to time to see what you had available to download. There is another way to go down packs from stickers which is through a sticker that you receive in a chat.

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