Vaccines against COVID would arrive in Ecuador next Monday

Ecuador reported on Wednesday that next Monday it would receive a first batch of 50,000 vaccines to face the coronavirus, which will be used to immediately immunize medical and health personnel from hospitals that are intended for those infected by this virus.

The Health Minister, Juan Carlos Zevallos, said that this country is the second in South America – the first was Chile – to receive the inoculation, from Pfizer, from Europe. He clarified that in a second phase “our commitment is that 18 million doses arrive in Ecuador (from various companies) that will be used to vaccinate approximately nine million people in two doses”, among which pregnant women are not considered, or those who plan to get pregnant, those under 18 years of age and those who have already had the disease.

For the mass immunization of Ecuadorians, 400 distribution points and 10,000 vaccination points have been prepared throughout the country.

The minister recalled that the process is voluntary and those who want to be immunized must register, accept the conditions, go to the appointment to receive the dose, stay 30 minutes in an observation room and then schedule a second appointment for the final dose.

Ecuador registers a total of 224,315 infected and 14,229 deaths since the end of February, when the pandemic began.

Due to the meetings and celebrations of Christmas and the end of the year, the number of infected is increasing and has reached a national average occupation of 85% of intensive care beds and 39% of hospital beds for those patients, he added Zevallos.

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