Valheim has surpassed PUBG in player numbers on Steam

The download numbers and player data of the survival adventure are absolutely outstanding. Development studios dream of such launches of their games and Iron Gate is excited about exactly that. Valheim has now this weekend surpassed in player numbers on Steam PUBG. Valheim had 500 thousand players in the game at the same time, beating not only PUBG, but even Dota 2.


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Valheim outperformed PUBG and Dota 2

The rocket-like rise of the survival game is clearly measurable. According to Steam figures, it not only sold 3 million copies in two and a half weeks. Rather Valheim now also has in its player numbers PUBG exceeded, CS: GO and also Dota 2 left behind. The enthusiasm of the players can not only be seen in the numbers.

Meanwhile has die Community started adding a creative touch to the game. In the game, real works of art are created in Build mode. Among other things, players build impressive things like that Star Wars Millenium Falcon. It’s just amazing to see what gamers can do. It is probably precisely this creative element that draws players to Valheim instead of PUBG.

Valheim is available on Steam.

DOTA 2- (C) Valve

DOTA 2- (C) Valve

Steam - (C) ValveSteam - (C) Valve

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Counter-Strike Global Offensive

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