Valverde: negative and London with Marcelo, Ramos and Mendy

Faith Valverde will be able to play the second leg of the semifinals of the Champions League before him Chelsea on London. The Uruguayan midfielder from Real Madrid has finally given negative in the last test PCR and he will travel with the rest of his teammates in one of the most important matches of the entire season for the Whites.

Zinedine Zidane He was also very attentive to the situation of other of his players in the face of the match against him. Chelsea from Champions League on London. The technician has known in the last hours that he will be able to take Marcelo with the rest of the expedition after he has been released from the polling station to which he has to go on May 4 of the elections.

Two other very important players have also arrived at the meeting, such as Mendy Y Sergio Ramos. The two have suffered different injuries in recent weeks and everything indicates that, at least, they will play a few minutes against Chelsea. They have options to be even from the game depending on the final decision that Zidane makes for the match and his game plan.

Varane, steel

Raphael varane suffers an injury to the right abductor muscles that will prevent him from traveling to London to play the semifinal round of the Champions League against him Chelsea. Low very sensitive for the Real Madrid because he is one of the fixtures in the eleven season after season, but the recovery of Sergio Ramos reduces the damage caused by this new setback.

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Now the question is whether we should keep or sell in Comunio, Biwenger, Mister, Futmondo Y Fantasy Marca League. This situation forces us to recommend the latter because there is very little time left until the competition ends and we cannot afford not to be able to count on a player with such a high market value in our team.

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