Michael van Gerwen has made it again! He is the five-time Grand Prix World Champion and has kept his title on the emerald island for the first time.

Van Gerwen won 5-2 in sets, but Chisnall was much better than last time in the final. He scored 12 x 180 and 46 percent in doubles. but once again he has run short in a big final.

It was a menacing first set by Mighty Mike as he showed a possible vision of what would come; Chisnall finally got his first leg on the board to start the second set; This was a massive confidence boost.

The ace of St. Helens completed the set with a final leg decision. with a 101 checkout, though he did not get off with his first three darts; That's never good against number one in the world.

Both players exchanged breaks during the next set, but out of nowhere Van Gerwen hit the box so often to take the lead again in a 2-1 win.

He continued like that and hit 114 at the box office to win 2-0 in the next set. But this time it was Chisnall who produced the merchandise by scoring a nine-darts finish with seven arrows. But he hit a 64 finish to have his first leg on the board.

Chizzy threw the draw again, but the costly mistakes in the doubles were a massive problem. when Van Gerwen packed a 13 darter with minimal effort to win 3-1.

Mighty Mike could not be dismissed from there as he won the fifth set 3-1 and won 4-1. A brilliant set from Chisnall made him hit a 13-darter to score the second set. and the Citywest broke out with him.

Nevertheless, Van Gerwen had a masterful set to win with a 100 checkout at the turning point. From there, he drove to victory and after a few months in which he did not play at his best, he proved he was the man to beat.

Click here for more information on this tournament. This tournament is the only one where the PDC Tour starts twice.

Saturday, October 12 (beginning of 2000 BST)
Michael van Gerwen (94,74) 5-2 (93,32) Dave Chisnall (3-0, 2-3, 3-2, 3-2, 3-1, 2-3, 3-1)

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Author: Samuel Gill