Van Gogh’s Ear talk about 8th studio album “A Whisper in the Storm”

  • After confinement, the first thing they want to do is visit Mexico

By Mino D’Blanc

“Un Susurro en la Tormenta” is the eighth studio album of the successful Spanish group “La Oreja de Van Gogh”, which contains 11 songs that the members of the group recorded as hymns and where they achieve that great heterogeneity of fusion of rhythms homogenized in their unmistakable sound, with which they have been positioning themselves with each of their singles, with each of their albums, for more than 20 years, in the public’s taste and therefore, in the first places of popularity.

“A Whisper in the Storm” remained 7 consecutive weeks in the number 1 place in physical sales in Mexico since its first opening weekend. Remember that it was released on September 18. It is therefore to assume that the release date of the album also has to do with the 20 years since the publication of his album “El Viaje de Copperpot” and that it was September 11, 2000.

The group originally from San Sebastián, Spain, to date has 8 studio albums, four compilations and five live. They have sold more than 8 million physical discs worldwide.

“A Whisper in the Storm” contains the following songs: 1.- Fold and Understand, 2.- Like a Pair of Sunflowers, 3.- Hug Me, 4.- During a Look, 5.- Galerna, 6.- You Look Like So much to Me, 7.- Except for you, 8.- Sirens, 9.- Cliff, 10.- I’m going to party, 11.- Do you see it?

In a virtual media conference, the members of La Oreja de Van Gogh talked about this album and their plans for the future, passing the pandemic situation that has affected the world so much in this year 2020.

We are grateful for the kind attention of Miguel Ángel Hidalgo, from Sony Music, for the realization of our journalistic work.

-Meaning of “A Whisper in the Storm” in the group’s trajectory:

They consider it the most autobiographical album, since they have been inspired more by themselves than by what happens around them. It is one of the most intimate and metaphorical texts of all.

– “A Whisper in the Storm”: a poetic, hard and forceful name. Does it have to do with what the whole world is experiencing due to the pandemic?

They decided on the name before the pandemic. They liked it because when listening to the songs they reflected and saw that there were many dialogues that in the end lead to a well of hope; those whispers actually made them see hope. Then the pandemic arrived like a glove, but it was all coincidence. Really when they recorded the songs they didn’t know what was going to happen.

-Sound conceptualization of “A Whisper in the Storm”:

It has a more classic sound, the band sounds more and less electronic, unlike the music that is being listened to today. There are 11 stories that have an order with which the members of the group want to transmit that experience. They have reaffirmed themselves in the classic sound and have addressed the lyrics much more.

-In the face of the pandemic, what changes has the group had, in relation to its mentality?

They consider that in all situations a little advantage can be extracted. Faced with the imposed holidays, they have enjoyed them with their family. Obviously they would not have wanted to stop their activities this year, but despite the situation, they try to enjoy this.

For them, the main thing is that they have been able to realize what is happening, they have coupled. They have kept their essence, but their vision has changed.

-A discus throw forced to be different from all the others:

It was a strange feeling that they couldn’t be together at launch time. They have missed not always being able to be together. For this reason, they have dedicated the song “Abrazame” to their fans, precisely because of the need to want to hug people and because of the pandemic it has not been possible.

-Van Gogh’s Ear Plans after confinement and the new normal:

They want to visit Mexico as their first country, which they are very fond of. It is one of the first things they want to do. They hope to return to face-to-face concerts; they don’t want to do virtual concerts. For them, being with their audience is the most important thing.

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