Vanessa George

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Police of Devon and Cornwall


Vanessa George was found eligible for parole

A pedophile nursery that has sexually abused children in her custody will be banned from her home country upon release from prison.

Vanessa George, 49, was imprisoned for at least seven years in 2009 for mistreating children in a daycare in Plymouth.

In July, the Parole Board declared that she had been found eligible for parole under strict conditions.

The Probation Service stated that she would not be allowed to return to Devon and Cornwall after her release.

George took pictures on his phone of his abusive children under his care at Little Ted's nursery and exchanged indecent images on the Internet.

When she is released from prison, she will be subject to "strict licensing conditions" and an "unusually large exclusion zone", including the fact of not being allowed to return to the police station. west of the country.


The Little Ted Nursery was closed following the discovery of abuse of young children

Sonia Crozier, chief probation officer, explained that she understood why George's release prospects were "so worrying for so many people, especially in Plymouth, where memories of his mistreatment are still alive and scary ".

In an open letter to the people of Plymouth, she stated that George "would never again be allowed to work with children and would be on the sex offender registry all his life".

"If she does not comply with one of these conditions or if her probation officer thinks that there is an increased risk of re-offending, she can be immediately recalled to prison," she said. she declared.

George named some of his victims, but was accused of deliberately hiding information to locate them properly.

Child protection officers visited 180 children who allegedly had contact with George, who admitted to taking up to eight photos a day while on duty.

In her letter, Crozier said 21 families had accepted an offer of support for George's crimes.

"Any parent wishing to benefit from this service will have a liaison officer dedicated to victims who will keep him informed of developments in the case of George," she said.