Vélez is measured with Truckers for the 32nd final

Photo: Vélez.

Velez Sarsfield will be measured tonight with Sports Truckers, at the Julio Humberto Grondona stadium in Arsenal, for the 32nd finals of the Argentina Cup.

This match will start at 9:10 p.m., with the refereeing by Julio Barraza and the televising of TyC Sports.

The winner of this duel will be measured in the 16th final with Workshops in Córdoba or Atlético de Rafaela.

Probable formations:

Velez: Alexander Domínguez; Hernán De la Fuente, Emiliano Amor, Lautaro Giannetti, Miguel Brizuela; Agustín Mulet, Ricardo Álvarez; Luca Orellano, Thiago Almada, Florián Monzón; Cristian Tarragona. Technical director: Mauricio Pellegrino.

Truckers: Matías Jara; Agustín Suárez, Matías Lozano, Luciano Sánchez, Federico Cataldi; Matías Birge, Kevin Smaldone, Gonzalo Baglivo, Patricio Rodríguez; Miguel Pabón and Gonzalo Parisi. Technical Director: Hugo Smaldone.

Referee: Julio Barraza.

Stadium: Arsenal.

Time: 21.10

TV: TyC Sports.

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