Venezuela will activate flights to the Dominican Republic, Mexico and Turkey in December

President Nicolás Maduro assured this Thursday the reactivation of international destinations by the end of this year. Photo: ElUniversal newspaper.

President Nicolás Maduro indicated this Thursday that flights to Mexico, the Dominican Republic and Turkey will be activated at the end of December.

«By December we will have a flight from the Dominican Republic, it is already established; We will have a flight from Mexico, it is already established; we will have the direct flight from Turkey, “said the head of state on Thursday in statements broadcast by Venezolana de Televisión. The announcement was made by the national president during a message with the International Meeting of the Sao Paulo Forum, which this year was held virtually due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Maduro invites the Sao Paulo Forum

During his participation, Maduro invited political movements and organizations, members of the Sao Paulo Forum, to come to the country to participate as observers in the December 6 elections.

“You can come to Venezuela, here we will take good care of you, we are improving in the fight against the pandemic and by December 6 we will be in a better situation. I invite you, come here, my brothers from the Sao Paulo Forum, “he stressed.

For this new day, more than 20 million Venezuelans are summoned to elect the 277 new members of the AN for the period 2021-2026, as established by the Constitution.

In these elections, more than 14,000 members of 107 political organizations registered, of which more than 13,000 are representatives of the opposition.

Source: El Universal newspaper.-

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