Very important Star Wars planets that don’t appear in the movies

There are planets from Star Wars that have never seen the light of day in the movies, but that are extremely important in the history of the saga. Why? We tell you all this and much more in this report.

The saga of Star Wars It is probably one of the richest and deepest that inhabit the cosmos of popular culture. The galaxy far, far away that I invented George Lucas in 1977 with the now called A new hope It has been around a thousand and one times since its inception and has been expanding, both in film and television, comics, video games, novels and a long etcetera, into practically unfathomable dimensions. And one of those expansions has been noticed in one of the topics that we are going to touch here: the planetas the Star Wars.

The planets of Star Wars They may seem like a secondary issue, but they are truly important. Both to justify the personality of a character and the origin that it could have had and to justify the narrative plot of a film or of a situation or a specific socio-political context that will cause a domino effect in the story and will take us to the place where it want to take us. Come on, it’s not a trivial topic. However, not all the planets that exist in Star Wars and are important have seen the light of day in the movies.

The star wars movies they have taught us many and very important planets, from Episode I to Episode IX, passing of course through Rogue One Y Han Solo. However, there are still very important Star Wars planets that have not been represented. We don’t know why, but we do know what they are and why they are important. And that’s what we are going to tell you in this report!


Well yeah, we are a bit of a cheat because the Starkiller Base featured in The Force awakens is actually the ancient planet known as Ilum. However, Ilum as such we have not seen it in the movies. In fact, the First Order base which is basically a third Death Star but larger and embedded within a planet looks nothing like the planet we saw on The Clone Wars and that we were so excited to visit in the video game Jedi Fallen Order.

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A planet with great stories behind it, particularly linked to the Jedi Order and the construction of lightsabers. Precisely, it was not explained in Episode VII, but it makes sense that, following the technology of the Death Star and Galen Erso’s instrumental planning with the use and manipulation of the Kyber crystals, the First Order would make the decision to build their Starkiller Base on a planet that has such a close relationship with those crystals and was basically an extraction mine for them.


The king of mentions in countless episodes of The Clone Wars (appeared, finally, in a chapter) and of many other Star Wars products, it was alluded very in passing in Return of the Jedi but he has never visited the big screen with a movie in the saga of Lucasfilm. The motives? We do not know. But what we can promise you is that this planet, from which the character of Nien Nunb and the entire Sullustan species comes, has a spectacular history and, if you allow us, somewhat sad.

And it is that the Galactic Empire became Sullust, as with many other Star Wars planets, in one of the many essential Imperial mining and manufacturing centers. One of the curiosities of this location is that the world’s atmosphere is so toxic that the inhabitants of the place lived in technologically advanced underground cities. That didn’t stop the Empire from gaining control of the planet when it reorganized the Outer Rim under the New Order and basically turned it into a mine. Like many others.


He was the protagonist of one of the biggest story arcs of The Clone Wars and most interesting of the entire saga and briefly mentioned in Star Wars Rebels, but little else. So what Died would give to write a book, but we will try to synthesize. Basically, we are talking about an ethereal planet that is within the Force itself. Yes, if you don’t know him, this is going to blow your mind. But Mortis is that: a realm within the Force, whispered through all the Jedi and Sith legends.

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Those Force-linked legends believed that he did not belong to any system, but Mortis is recorded in the Chrelythiumn System, beyond the Outer Rim. It is there where the Monolith of Mortis appeared and where this strange planet is believed to inhabit, more legend than reality. It is unknown if it was the Force itself that placed the planet in that system for Anakin Skywalker, the Chosen One, to find. But, be that as it may, we are left wanting to know more about Mortis in some future movie. Is it too much to ask, Disney?


It’s funny that Ryloth I have never seen its representation in a Star Wars movie, as it is one of the most important planets to understand both the Clone Wars and the rise of the Rebel Alliance. But hey, things are the way they are! And the planet of the Syndulla, one of the staunchest defenders of the Old Republic and one of those that most complicated the existence of the Galactic Empire, has not yet been transferred to the cinema. Time to time, especially with what they are liking in live action the characters of the Twi’lek species.

My Cala

Speaking of planets that supported the rebels and paid the price of war …My Cala! The place where the Mon Calamari and Quarren come from (rumored for season 2 of The Mandalorian) has not yet been in a movie, but is currently one of the most iconic places in the series. In fact, its importance in the reboot of the Expanded Universe has been capital and has had a great importance in the current comics of the franchise. It is the place of origin of such emblematic characters as Raddus or Ackbar.


Probably the greatest moment Star Wars has given us recently took place in Malachor. The ones i’ve seen Star Wars Rebels They will know what we are talking about. And they will also know why Malachor, with so much Sith influence and so much legend of the Dark Side of the Force, is one of the most important of the saga that has not yet seen his representation on the big screen. Just because of that Sith Temple that gave us goosebumps and that we still remember we should have already seen. Not to mention everything that has been experienced both inside and outside of that temple.


But, if there is a planet that we have tired of talking about over and over and over again and that we have seen countless times in The Clone Wars, that is Mandalore. With The Mandalorian On the horizon, it was inevitable to skip the planet of origin of the Mandalorians and one of the worlds that gave the most war to the Jedi Order and the Old Republic. A planet that has lived through thousands of wars and has barely survived, waiting to know the final resolution of what happened in “The Night of a Thousand Tears” and the future that awaits the Mandalorian world.

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Defined as “the Sparta of the Star Wars Universe”, this world is a world of warriors that has also suffered the cruelty of a civil war because of the exchange of power. This is where the legend of the darksaber comes from and a lot of recent great characters like Sabine Wren or Bo-Katan Kryze. Not to mention those last four episodes of The Clone Wars that took place there (the Siege of Mandalore) and that gave us the incredible duel between Ahsoka Tano and Darth Maul. Come on, Mandalore is amazing!

Which of these planets would you like to see in the movies? We read you in the comments!


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