Victoria Beckham’s fashion company is hanging by a thread

The economic crisis that the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus has left to hit Victoria Beckham, who owns a fashion company that bears her name. According to reports, the wife of David Beckham, with whom he has an estimated fortune of 380 million euros, faces a gloomy outlook by recording large losses.

Although her clothes are used by media characters such as Meghan Markle, Sarah Jessica Parker and Heidi Klum, the truth is that since 2018, Victoria Beckham has red numbers of millionaire sums.


According to the company’s auditors there are “important doubts” to continue operating, reported the newspaper “Daily Mail”, as the former Spice Girl has losses of 11.8 million pounds sterling in 2019 and 12.3 million pounds sterling in 2018, which would lead the company to need constant support from its shareholders.

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But, according to friends of the singer, Victoria has not considered closing her business despite the bad omens. “This is what gives Victoria her identity, she loves it and, despite her obvious obstacles, she is an artist and passionate about it,” quoted the aforementioned medium.

But that is not all. The Victoria Beckham Beauty firm also has losses exceeding £ 4 million. Despite everything, it turned out that she and the ex-footballer paid themselves £ 40,000 thanks to the profits from their company DB Ventures. And, according to “Daily Mail”, last year Victoria Beckham it was criticized for trying to use a government plan to pay 30 of its 120 employees.

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To all this we must add the results of 2020, which was not exactly the best economic year for companies.

However, given a poor outlook, Victoria Beckham is confident that the situation will improve. Read also: Catherine of Cambridge and Victoria Beckham, the best dressed in Europe


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