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New restrictions begin in Europe due to covid-19 and the US exceeds 8 million cases

PARIS: In what represents the largest restriction on privacy currently imposed in Europe, several countries apply new closures and curfews to stop the uncontrolled spread of covid-19, which has already infected more than eight million people in the States United.

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Covid-19: study casts doubt on efficacy of Remdesivir on mortality

GENEVA: The antiviral Remdesivir, considered one of the most promising treatments against covid-19, turns out to be ineffective in preventing death from this disease, according to a study released on Thursday night.

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Interview: The covid-19 pandemic is “far from over”

GENEVA: Covid-19 “is far from over,” warned Maria Van Kerkhove, responsible for managing the pandemic at the World Health Organization (WHO), in an interview with AFP.

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Capturing the internet in the street, the challenge of distance education in Venezuela

CARACAS: Jonathán sits in the street to capture with an old tablet the intermittent WiFi signal of a neighbor. Without a computer, it is his only option to do the tasks sent to him by WhatsApp since the covid-19 pandemic reached Venezuela.

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Coronavirus makes pink dolphins return to Hong Kong

HONG KONG: The novel coronavirus pandemic suspended ferries between Hong Kong and Macau and has brought pink dolphins back to the area, but scientists remain concerned about the risk of disappearance of this iconic species.

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Professor who showed cartoons of Muhammad beheaded near Paris

PARIS: A man was beheaded on Friday afternoon near Paris and his alleged assailant was killed by police. According to a police source, it was a history teacher who showed Muhammad cartoons in a class on freedom of expression.

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Professor who showed Muhammad cartoons beheaded near Paris

CONFLANS- SAINTE-HONORINE, France: EXPANSION. A history teacher who showed Muhammad cartoons during a class on free speech was beheaded near Paris on Friday, and his alleged attacker was killed by police.

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Former Defense Minister of Mexico indicted in the US for drug trafficking and money laundering

NEW YORK: Former Mexican Defense Minister Salvador Cienfuegos, arrested Thursday in Los Angeles, is charged before a New York court with three drug trafficking offenses and one drug money laundering between 2015 and 2017, when he was a member of the cabinet according to the Brooklyn prosecution.

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Bolivians elect president, for the first time in almost two decades without Evo Morales as a candidate

LA PAZ: Bolivians elect a new president on Sunday in the first elections in two decades without Evo Morales as a candidate, although his figure fueled polarization in a tense campaign marked by the pandemic and economic deterioration.

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Who will be the new president of Bolivia? Shamans consult coca

EL ALTO, Bolivia: At a small table, Aymara shaman Juan ‘Tres Estrellas’ reads the coca leaves, a traditional Andean ritual that allows him to know in advance the identity of the next president of Bolivia.

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Former French President Sarkozy, charged with “illicit association”

PARIS: Former French President Nicolas Sarkozy was charged with “conspiracy” for allegedly financing his 2007 election campaign with Libyan funds, sources from the national financial prosecutor’s office told AFP on Friday.

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Bombing in a residential area of ​​the second city of Azerbaijan

GANYÁ, Azerbaijan: A missile attack hit a residential area in Ganyá, Azerbaijan’s second city on Saturday, and a resident told AFP that he saw seven victims being pulled out of the rubble.

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New Zealanders start voting in general elections

WELLINGTON, New Zealand: New Zealanders began voting on Saturday in a general election to which Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern ran for a second three-year term.

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Honduran vendors protest against restrictions on their work due to covid-19

TEGUCIGALPA: Hundreds of vendors in the Belén zonal market, in the Honduran capital, blocked a busy boulevard on Friday to demand that they be allowed to work, given the confinement imposed by the covid-19.

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Thousands demonstrate in Chile two days after the anniversary of social protests

SANTIAGO: Thousands of people demonstrated this Friday in Santiago, two days after the anniversary of the start of social protests in Chile, in the central Plaza Italia in the capital, where smaller groups staged incidents with the police.

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Swiss glaciers are melting at a worrying rate

GENEVA: Swiss glaciers continued to melt this year at a worrying rate and never before has there been so little snow accumulation on the largest glacier in the Alps, according to a study published on Friday.

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Mexico tries to recover a historic Aztec plume in Vienna

VIENNA: It is one of the star attractions of the Vienna Weltmuseum, an ancient aztec blue-green plume (crown of feathers) almost two meters wide, which Mexico now wants to recover.

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Florist spreads joy in Copacabana aboard a “Fusca”

RIO DE JANEIRO: Forced to reinvent herself after losing her job due to the pandemic, Rio de Janeiro florist Roberta Machado walks the streets of Copacabana selling plants aboard a classic “Fusca”, which she has transformed into a colorful walking garden.

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During the month of April 550,000 people were left without work; in May, 280,000; and in June, 120,000

During the month of April 550,000 people were left without work; in May, 280,000; and in June, 120,000

During the month of April 550,000 people were left without work; in May, 280,000; and in June, 120,000

During the month of April 550,000 people were left without work; in May, 280,000; and in June, 120,000


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