VIDEO: Japan launches a new generation multipurpose frigate

It is the first surface warship that Japan is actively promoting for export.

The Japanese shipyard Mitsui E&S Shipbuilding has launched in Okayama the new generation frigate Kumano, a vessel destined for the National Self-Defense Forces, reports the portal Naval News.

Formally, the Kumano is the second ship in the series as the first type 30FFM frigate is still being built at the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries plant in Nagasaki.

Mitsui E&S was subcontracted by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries to build a 3,900 ton displacement frigate. Now the shipyard will proceed to the stage of installation of equipment on the frigate, whose delivery to the Navy is scheduled in 2021.

The first steel cutting of the first 30FFM took place in September 2019 at the MHI Nagasaki shipyard, and the second in October 2019 at the Mitsui E&S shipyard in Tamano, near Okayama.

This is the first large surface warship that Japan is actively promoting for export and it is speculated that some frigates of the 30FFM type could end up in the hands of Indonesia, says Naval News.

The ship is intended to conduct patrol activities in Japan’s Exclusive Economic Zone and side missions, including overseas deployment; Furthermore, the boat will have new technologies that will allow the reduction of the crew through the use of modern automated systems.

Vessels of this type will be around 132.5 meters long and will reach a maximum speed of more than 30 knots using a combined diesel and gas propulsion plant with the use of two MAN 12V28 / 33D diesel engines and a gas turbine. Rolls Royce MT-30.

Weapons expected to be installed on the frigate include a naval Mk. 45 127 mm caliber from British company BAE Systems, two remotely controlled 12.7 mm heavy machine guns, two quad launchers for Type 17 anti-ship missiles and vertical missile launch systems, according to Asia Pacific Defense Journal.

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