(VIDEO) The excuse of Bustos after the bad game of Barcelona SC and because he insists on Sergio Lpez

Barcelona SC fell for the first time in LigaPro 2021. In the match that was played this Thursday, April 8, 2021 for matchday 7 at the Alejandro Serrano Aguilar Stadium, it faced Deportivo Cuenca and Barcelona SC. Deportivo Cuenca was able to score in the first half and held the result for the rest of the game.

Deportivo Cuenca increased its undefeated at home where it harvested its 11th match without knowing defeat as home. In a match where two very clear arbitration errors were made against Barcelona; In the first place, a penalty was not pitched with the hand of Denilson Bolaos and a foul by Godoy on Leonel Quionez that was not charged either and Barcelona suffered bad refereeing performance.

Sergio Lpez returned to play a very low game in football level

During this week, Fabin Bustos’ decisions about the choice of players who have an extremely low level of play were harshly criticized. The “Bustos Boys” as they were nicknamed, are players who were with Bustos in previous teams and were now requested as reinforcement by the same technician.

Sergio Lpez and Bruno Piatares (both played with Bustos in Delfn) showed a very poor level of play. So much so that Bustos decided to change Sergio Lpez in the first half, with the entry of Nixon Molina; in the same way Bruni Piatares was also replaced for the entry of Gabriel Cortez. Continue with the insistence of using it to Lpez and Piatares? A game that was lost from the start with the low level of the Canarian midfield.


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