John Bercow, a prominent remnant, protested against his release from the Commons while Sarah Clarke, Lady Usher of the Black Staff, had ordered the Speaker of the House to leave his seat. Previously, he had announced that he would leave his post at the Brexit deadline, set for 31 October. But in a slower version of its release, embittered Twitter users claimed that Bercow appeared to have "hit" the House of Commons leader who turns to look at Mr. Bercow.

The moment left people puzzled as to whether Mr. Bercow had attacked Brexiteer.

One of them said: "Slow motion. Did Bercow kick Jacob Rees-Mogg?

When Mr. Bercow left the remains, members could be heard shouting "shame" at Conservative MPs, while Labor MPs congratulated him and shook hands with him as he left.

Mr. Bercow said, "I will play my part, it is not a normal extension, it is not typical, it is not standard.

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"This is one of the longest in decades and it represents not only in the minds of many colleagues, but also a very large number of people outside, an act of executive fiat.

"Therefore, I totally understand, I have already said that Black Rod, I respect and Black Rod does his duty and the Queen's Commissioners do their duty and I will play my part."

Labor MPs also protested the prorogation by waving placards in the Commons with the word "silent".

Workers' Cooperative MP Alex Sobel tweeted: "The measures taken by myself and other members to urge the President not to accede to Black Rod's request echo the action of its members to prevent the President from proroguing at the request of Charles I.

Rees Mogg was accused of seeming "bored" by Green Party leader Caroline Lucas, who quickly judged his body language as MPs competed for Brexit in a hot confrontation.

Ms. Lucas said, "We talked a lot about democracy tonight. And the House leader, whom I must say with his body language throughout the evening, has been so contemptuous of this House and the people.

"And for the future, the House leader has stretched out about three seats, as if it were something very boring for him tonight."

But the Leader of the House of Commons quickly opposed Ms. Lucas's comments.