VIDEO | Wendy Tejada is pregnant with her new partner in the US

Honduran Wendy Tejada was visited by the stork for the second time, but this time she is with her new partner, Helmer Álvarez, after she left Honduras for the United States.

Wendy became known for the famous “Wedding of the year” with Herminio “To me”However, a short time later they separated and she left for the United States for a better life.

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In a live video, Álvarez appears, where a follower asks him if Wendy is pregnant and that she should tell her fans.

Next, he answers “yes she is pregnant” and clarified that from the moment he began to write to the young woman, he told her that he would not disrespect her.

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He also indicated that he has no commitments to anyone, that he is a good man and that no one can judge him, and that he will take care of the baby.


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