Vietnam was in mourning this Friday, a day after it was confirmed that the 39 migrants found dead in a truck in England were Vietnamese who mostly fled poverty, while the government made intensive efforts to repatriate the bodies.

The Vietnamese government confirmed on the eve the identification of the victims and expressed their condolences to the relatives and friends of emigrants, who paid up to $ 40,000 to human traffickers in search of a better life in the United Kingdom.

In a letter of condolences sent to the families of the 31 dead men and eight women, Vietnam’s Prime Minister, Nguyen Xuan Phuc, said the tragedy had caused Vietnamese worldwide an "endless pain" and promised to "bring soon to the victims back to the country ».

For its part, the Vietnam embassy in London said an official delegation was already in Britain making efforts to take the bodies home "as soon as possible."

Truck arrived from Belgium

The bodies were found on October 23 in a refrigerated truck in an industrial area of ​​Essex, about 30 kilometers east of London. The car had arrived by boat at the port of Purfleet, on the Thames, from Belgium.

The extraordinary economic growth of Vietnam since it began to open its economy in the late 1980s, has occurred mostly around the big cities and has set aside the most rural and poor provinces, where the only hope often It is emigrating to the big city or abroad.

Thousands of Vietnamese risk even an expensive and uncertain journey to reach European lands, such as the 39 dead in Essex, who came from provinces in the center and north of their country. Hundreds of thousands migrate each year to the industrialized peripheries of Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh, while tens of thousands go to other countries in Southeast Asia or Asia.