Viomi water jug, one of the successes of Xiaomi and its Youpin store

Brand: Viomi
Type: Jar / Term
Material : Lead-free stainless steel. Food Grade 316
Capacity: 1.5L
Color : Black or white
Isolation time: 24 hours without the liquid temperature decreasing
Weight: About 680g
Size: 105 x 105 x 280mm

Its copper coating ensures that we can use the thermos for 24 hours without reducing the temperature of the liquid that we have poured into it. We have a cover that ensures that there are no losses of heat or cold. For this reason, Viomi has designed this cover to rotate 360º and be composed of several layers of insulating materials. All materials are plastics or metals that have been tested so that they can be for human consumption, respecting the integrity and health of the consumer.

Viomi water jug

Inside this thermos-style jug we find a metal lining that preserves the temperature and that allows you to store 1.5 L of water, coffee or tea.

Its touch denotes that Viomi has done a great job in the care and finishing of this jug. The handle has a good grip and despite being made of plastic you can tell that it will last for many years before breaking. When you have it in front of you you can see that it is bulky but in reality it is not when you use it and it is very manageable in the hand.

The first thing I am going to say is that it is very practical since I have the osmosis filter at home and I can refill the thermos every time I need it with tap water, this being my asset when I bought it 3 years ago.

Viomi water jug

Viomi water jug

I had previously used plastic jugs that become ugly over time. This Xiaomi thermos jug, being made of materials designed for durability, has not deteriorated.

It is very comfortable and safe to use. To fill the thermos, you only need to turn the cap by two turns of the nut to unscrew the cap and be able to remove it. In this way, if the jug is dropped or overturned on the table, there is no danger of spilling the liquid it contains.

To be able to pour liquid into a glass we will have to press with the finger on the lever that exists in the stopper. In this way, if it turns over or we start to pour the liquid, it will not get out of control and we can always have control on our finger.

This is a very good reason to get hold of this jug, especially if we add the one that can preserve the temperature of the water, they make the product unrivaled. Highly recommended for people looking for thermos and jug functionality.

Buy Viomi jug that Xiaomi has sold on Youpin

This Viomi water jug ​​has been highly sold over the years, leaving a good taste in the mouth of each of the users who have made it with it. We can buy the jug at a price of € 23 / $ 29 in this Aliexpress store. It is available for sale in black or white.

The price of this jug is justified, the materials used are top-notch. You will never see a thermos jug so well manufactured and that has such an advanced system when it comes to pouring water, coffee or other liquids into a glass. A highly recommended purchase if we are looking for a durable jug.

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