Vip vaccination: the explanation of Gabriel Michi, the C5N journalist vaccinated at the Posadas Hospital

The C5N journalist posted a discharge on his Facebook account Credit: Twitter

The C5N journalist Gabriel Michi, one of the personalities related to the ruling party who received the vaccine against coronavirus despite not meeting health requirements, used his networks to make a defense in his defense. “I would never have been vaccinated at this time had it not been for the risk I had when traveling to Manaus”, he assured.

From your Facebook account, Michi explained that he had scheduled a trip to Manaus, Brazil, one of the places most affected by the pandemic for work.. According to her testimony, Michi said that it was in this context that she began to find out “if she had a chance to get vaccinated” before the trip. “I am a person at risk (I am 53 years old and have some health complications such as hypertension) and since I have some friends within the Posadas Hospital, I consulted about our condition as essential workers and the answer was a resounding ‘no’ “, he assured.

According to Michi, after trying to get the vaccine at the Posadas Hospital, received the call of “an acquaintance of many years”, who indicated that there had been a dose not applied. “It was so unexpected and surprising that there was not even a chance for the cameraman who was going to travel with me to get vaccinated,” he said.

The journalist took off to the C5N channel about his vaccination, and pointed out that “it was all a personal management.” “I want to express that in my case I did not resort to no contact in the Ministry of Health nor did I attempt any influence peddling with members of the Executive, neither national nor provincial “, He said.

And concluded: “Those who know me know what my line of conduct has been throughout my personal and professional life. In which I always tried to do my job in the most responsible and committed way. I would never have been vaccinated at this time had it not been for the risk I had when traveling to Manaus. “

Gabriel Michi is one of the Names that the government released by Alberto Fernández after the vip vaccination scandal was revealed. It is a series of Kirchner leaders and personalities who received vaccines against the coronavirus outside the official system and without complying with the health requirements established by the authorities.

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