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Several people in the state of Texas, U.S, are praising the HEB supermarket chain after the employees of the store located in the town of Leander allowed dozens of shoppers to go with their purchases without paying after suffering a power outage. All amid the intense winter storm that hit the area this week.

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Tim Hennessy told CBS Austin that he and his wife were at the supermarket H-E-B from the town of Leander last Tuesday, buying some much-needed groceries and items to get through the days of the inclement winter storm that swept across much of the state of Texas last week, when suddenly the electricity went inside the establishment and throughout the area.

“Sure enough, about 10-15 minutes later, one of the employees asked us to go to the checkout area and said: ‘We’re going to see everyone as quickly as possible, since we have a process for this kind of thing‘”Hennessy wrote in Facebook. At first the lines were long and slow. Then they began to pick up speed. When Hennessy reached the checkout, the worker waved them through.

“At first we were a bit confused and I asked: How are we going to pay for our food?”, wrote. We had hundreds of dollars worth of food. She said: “Go ahead, drive safely home”. “Then we realized that lines of people were passing without paying with their carts full of groceries heading to the parking lot with many employees there to help us,” added.

Hennessy added that other shoppers were equally delighted and in the cold, some even joined in to help load food into others’ cars. This is the United States that I know. Despite all the negative we hear and see that it is reported daily in the news. Most Americans are still kind, considerate, and generous. “, wrote.

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Hennessy said she has since followed up with HEB and plans to pay for her purchase by making a donation to a charity in her area. I salute the supermarket for the kindness they showed us, the consideration they showed us, the generosity they showed us and the affection they showed us (along with the hundreds of other jeans in the store at the time) “.


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