Virgin Trains is trying to prevent it from being pushed out of the British railroad scene next year and has asked the railway chiefs whether they may be allowed to operate an independent, competing franchise service on their own.

This is permissible under the "open access" rules, as Virgin claims that it would operate an alternative low-cost rival line from London to Liverpool, competing with the one ultimately serving the West Coast main line. Of course on the same tracks. Since there is not much room on the lines, this competing service would run only hourly or for about hours, with all tickets being sold on a reservation basis only to end and the shame of sitting on the floor near the toilet to end When business people show up ashamed of their massive poses and do not shut the door behind them.

To get approval from the Rail and Road Authority, Virgin has to prove that it offers something new, not just trying to oust the business from the future owner of its old West Coast franchise. For example, the tickets for the trains could be sold at around 10 per cent below the norm, since the trains stop at stations that are currently not being served as often as others. Virgin says his route traverses Euston-Lime Street with stops at Lichfield, Tamworth, Nuneaton and Liverpool South Parkway.

There could also be "catering on the square", which would feel nice. With trains, staff, lots of red ties, and so on, according to Virgin, competing services could run until May 2021, when the governor pulls the lever into the yes position. [Virgin Trains]