Vivi Kreutzberger reappears on TV: she talked about her life in London and her new endeavor | TV and Show

After years of estrangement from television, Vivi Kreutzberger She reappeared on the small screen to talk about her new projects and the trip to London that she undertook with her husband three years ago.

The reunion with his old job happened this Friday in the morning Pleasure, where Vivi submitted to the questions of Soledad Onetto, Diana Bolocco and Simón Oliveros.

“We have been there for three years now, it was like a scratch, as well as, let’s do something different… We (with Robert, his partner) got married 20 years ago, I had 5 children and he had 3. So when we got married we were already 10 “Recalled the exanimador of Giants with Vivi.

“We decided to go both to try our luck, to look for different things,” he said about his radical change in routine. “(We wanted to do) something completely different, and we go to a place where we don’t know anyone and no one knew us,” he recalled.

These days, the ex-driver promotes her new venture: the mobile phone application Kubi, according to Don Francisco’s daughter, “The first interactive gaming channel in Chile”.

In relation to her present and how she deals with the coronavirus in tow, Kreutzberger assured that she remains calm, following the sanitary measures of rigor with her husband.

“We live a very simple and simple life, the two of us are alone, it has been entertaining as a couple. For us the quarantine is nothing, since we spend 24/7 together, “he said.


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