Vodafone Giants hires Evangelion to reinforce its strategy games section

Vodafone Giants, the most important esports club in Spain at the moment, continues to take steps to become bigger, improve and expand its teams and sections to continue being a benchmark within electronic sports both in our country and internationally.

Today the giants have made the signing of Diego official “Evangelion“Fuentes Garca, one of the most important players on the scene of card and strategy games in Spain, who from now on will contribute to his new club all his experience and quality that have placed him as a competitive benchmark at a national and international level .

Hearthstone, TFT…

Evangelion is currently focused on Teamfight Tactics (Riot’s tactical game) but his career was built on Hearthstone, the Blizzard game with which he made a name for himself by winning DreamHack Valencia in 2016 also representing Spain at the Hearthstone Global Games.

Evangelion has assured that it is a “” pride for him to be part of the Vodafone Giants, home of great streamers and huge players. It was clear to me that my next destination should be the best club in Spain. “


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