Vodafone’s interest in Alicante places the capital on the European technological map

In that preselection were also the Italian Naples and Tuscany (region), the German Dresden and Munich, the Portuguese Lisbon and the Irish Dublin, according to municipal government sources, which can now talk about a project that required confidentiality. This demand led public administrations to work out of the spotlight and a somewhat unusual unity of political action was evidenced in these times of polarization.

In the meetings for the development of the candidacy of Alicante worked the mayor, Luis Barcala, with -among others- the President of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, which focused its efforts on facilitating the achievement of support for the Alicante capital. Both put aside the color differences of both public administrations. Neither of the two leaders boasted of the work carried out, as the president of the Junta de Andalucía did, Juanma Moreno, who made public the support of his government for the option of the city of Malaga, finally also failed.

Positive vision

However, the effort made in favor of the Alicante offer is expected not to “fall on deaf ears”, since the municipal government plans to use this document as a “starting point” to attend other future projects. The local executive also highlights that it has been verified that the “inter-institutional collaboration works in Alicante”, alluding to that disposition to “row in the same direction for the common good” despite the fact that the local government is in the hands of PP and Cs and the autonomic one, of the PSPV, Compromís and Podem.

It is also valued that Alicante, which is immersed in a transformation process to become a benchmark for the technology industry in the Mediterranean region, was already preselected by Vodafone to establish one of its headquarters. The multinational, according to the local executive, highlighted as strengths of the Alicante capital its quality of life, reasonable labor costs and the large existing university ecosystem. Alicante also houses the headquarters of the Digital District, which is in full expansion phase towards the port of Alicante, an environment that was valued as a space for Vodafone’s Eureka center.

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