Voice of the mirror: Prince Harry lacks the dignity of the queen after the hot-headed royal exit – Voice of the mirror

Harry and Meghan were wrong. Clear and simple.

While many sympathize with the desire of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to step back as real royalty, the way they chose to do so has caused justifiable shock and indignation.

Petulant, hot and impulsive are just some of the barbers turned to the couple after the public announcement of the bomb that wished to become part-time real and live most of the time abroad.

Lack of consideration, unfair and reckless may also be appropriate.

In over 60 years on the throne, the queen has demonstrated with flawless style, dignity and judgment how to manage the “old company”.

The sacrifices she and the other members of the Royal Family made were not just for the monarchy, but for the nation.

The queen has ruled with “impeccable style” for sixty years

This, according to the antiquated system of a monarchical state, is their responsibility by birth.

And his majesty embraced that responsibility gracefully, as Republicans also admit.

Harry and Meghan’s desire to break away could be seen as an understandable cry for modernization. Their desire to do so has been evident for a long time.

But discussing their intentions with friends like Elton John before the Queen and moving on with their announcement without thinking about the full impact on their family or monarchy has caused a totally avoidable crisis.

The fact that the Queen had to intervene – calling a real showdown in Sandringham to face the crisis tomorrow – is a measure of the extent of the embarrassment caused.

Harry and Meghan claim that they intend to withdraw from real duties
Harry and Meghan claim that they intend to withdraw from real duties

He is right to intervene and call the rebel pair to the heel.

Only you have the authority to beat your heads together and ensure a smoother way for whatever the future holds.

The wrong cure

The GP is an “absolute milestone” of the NHS as a first stop for everyone

The crisis of our health service begins in the front line, the family doctor.

The GP is an absolute milestone of the National Health Service, the first stop for all ages from cradle to grave.

It is an essential service for personal health and for the economy of the country.

With a shortage of at least 9,000 GPs, Tory’s promises more on the road are not enough.

Government action on complicated bureaucracy that prevents foreign doctors from coming here to narrow the gap is long overdue.


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