Volunteer Troop Sailors graduated from the Azopardo Naval Arsenal

Azul – At the Azopardo Naval Arsenal (ARAZ), on Friday the completion ceremony of the Preliminary Selective Period (PSP) of the 35 Volunteer Troop Sailors who made up the first induction promotion of this year was held.

The ceremony was presided over by the Chief of ARAZ, Captain Víctor Ramón Ibañez. After the intonation of the Argentine National Anthem, Lieutenant Lieutenant Hernán Cruz Juárez spoke allusive words where he congratulated the new sailors for having more than overcome the challenges of this finalized stage and urged them to continue with effort to comply with the Naval Service.

He also thanked the different areas of the Arsenal that directly or indirectly supported the development of the training during the PSP. Subsequently, the order for the award ceremony was read and finally, after singing the March of the Navy, the new Second Sailors paraded.

The ceremony was with reduced attendance, without family members being able to be present, according to COVID-19 restrictions. The 15 women and 20 men, all from the city of Azul, will serve in ARAZ.


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