Vox praises Trump, “the president who has done the most for minorities”

The spokesperson for Vox in Congress, Iván Espinosa de los Monteros, once again starred in a sour speech on TVE as a result of the incisive questions he was subjected to by the talk show La Hora de La 1. There were several reasons, But they focused on the sympathy that the far-right party dedicates to US President Donald Trump despite having instigated the assault on the Capitol last week, according to the accusations that the Democrats indicate in their second impeachment. The Vox deputy praised Trump to place him as one of the best presidents in the history of the country.

“President Trump has been a great president of the United States, who has done more for minorities, for workers, for people of color, for Hispanic immigrants; the one that has generated the most employment; a more powerful economy; a higher value on the stock market, which is basically an indicator of how the economy has fared during these four years, including a pandemic ”.

He’s been the one who has done the most for minorities, workers, people of color, Hispanic immigrants; the one that has generated more jobs and a more powerful economy “

Ivan Espinosa de los MonterosVox Spokesperson in Congress

But De los Monteros has not stopped here and has valued that Trump has waged a “cultural battle against international ‘progress,’ which is what bothers 99% of journalists in Spain.” And it was then that the battle against non-related media began, especially against those present on the set of the program: “Those journalists who believe that Trump is very unpopular, what they have not understood is the opposite, that Trump has got the best result in the history of a candidate for the US elections, behind Joe Biden, probably ”.

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Beatriz NavarroWashington. Correspondent

This comparison between the electoral achievements of Trump and Biden is especially relevant since it assumes that Vox de facto recognizes the results achieved by the Democratic candidate, contrary to what Trump has defended and what has motivated the altercations in the United States, the the still president’s refusal to validate the electoral results and his insistence on blaming his defeat on fraud.

It is so evident that Trump has been the most popular president in the US that the entire focus of the Democrats today is to try to prevent him from running again four years from now. “

Ivan Espinosa de los MonterosVox Spokesperson in Congress

But De los Monteros has continued with his string of praise, noting that “it is so evident that Trump has been the most popular president of the United States that the entire focus of the Democrats today is to try to prevent him from running again inside four years because they know it is a threat to the ‘progressive’ consensus ”. The deputy has settled his balance by recalling that Trump “has not involved the US in any war, the one that has best recovered the economy, has reindustrialized the country; the one that has generated the most employment, especially for the Hispanic minority, Afro-American … “and that,” if it were presented in four years it would obtain a very, very good result.

The far-right leader has also referred to the events in the Capitol to point out that “assaulting the institutions is an inadmissible fact” and “it was in the case of the Capitol,” he acknowledged, but has diverted attention to the acts with which the US is compared in our country. “It was (inadmissible) in the Parliament of Catalonia, it was when they tried to surround Congress, it was when Susana Díaz tried to surround the Andalusian Parliament with very little success.”

Vox believes that Sánchez’s “inaction” against Filomena is “good news” and they brand Casado as “absurd”

Espinosa de los Monteros has also referred to the Government’s response to the storm Filomena and has described the “inaction” of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, as “good news”, while calling it “absurd” that the leader of the PP, Pablo Casado, has been recorded removing snow with a shovel. In his opinion, the management of phenomena of this type should be left “in the hands of people who know how it works”, since “every time the politicians get in their hands they spoil it more”.

Along these lines, he has criticized the regional model which, in his opinion, is inefficient in a situation that requires coordination between administrations. “This system does not work, when the responsibility is distributed among many it does not work,” he pointed out, also criticizing some “rulers who are like to declare them a catastrophic zone.” “Do you know who was responsible for opening the streets? The Army, the UME and the regular soldiers who were with shovel and wheelbarrow. The Ministry of Defense, the one that Sánchez said had to be suppressed, but when the pandemic arrives and there is a problem … who is he pulled? The Army, which takes the chestnuts out of the fire, “he reproached.

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