Vural Ak from Turkey: “The 3-year license proves that we are ready for any changes”

After 9 years off the Formula 1 calendar, Turkey returned, but came back to do it in a big way. The atypical 2020 wanted Istanbul to return to our screens to celebrate a new Grand Prix, and I dare say that it did not leave anyone indifferent. From the start on Friday with free practice, until the last lap of the race it was all a great and wonderful uncertainty. You could dare to bet that a certain thing would happen that the opposite would end up happening. An unfriendly track of overconfidence, a rain that threatened from a gray and overcast sky that covered Istanbul.

We had all the necessary ingredients to return to a track unknown to many and do it in style. Perhaps, after three days of competition, they don’t know much about the track either for sure. What we do know is that we would love to see F1 make more stops there in the future. For now it falls off the 2021 calendar, but they claim to be interested in becoming the venue again and are ready to host another race at any time.

Vural Ak, Executive Director of the Intercity Istanbul Park organization

“We welcomed the president of Formula 1, Chase Carey, in Istanbul this week. I was amazed by the attention and enthusiasm which accompanied the Formula 1 race in Turkey. We organized this event in no time after a gap of nine years, and really I think it was a great success. Our talks are ongoing to reach an agreement that will bring the race back to Turkey for several years. The three-year license that the FIA ​​has granted us is proof that we are ready for any upgrade at any time “, do not close the door in Istanbul to F1.

Carey is very clear

“Many places where we compete this year expressed great interest in new races, and other countries have a stronger interest than ever. I’d probably rotate a few races to accommodate some new partners, but we already say that long-term partnerships are still our priority, “we remember the words of Chase Carey who made reference to these lines.


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