Waitrose has been named the best supermarket by Which?

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Waitrose was rated the best in-store supermarket in the UK among the consumer group. Which? Annual satisfaction survey.

The chain owned by John Lewis has obtained five stars in almost all categories, but was ranked as the worst in value.

It is the second time that the best grocery store has been voted, despite the budget chains Aldi and Lidl being ranked as the best in value.

“The quality of fresh produce is the most important factor when choosing where to shop in the store,” said Which?

“There is a clear room for improvement for the” big four “- Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons and Asda – as they continue to follow Waitrose and Marks & Spencer’s experience and behind Aldi and Lidl in terms of value,” he stressed. Harry Rose, the publisher of Which? Magazine.

In the survey of over 14,000 Which? members, Asda was rated the worst.

The consumer group found that shoppers like the Asda product range in the store, but clearly want more recyclable packaging and products without packaging, as the store has only earned one star for this aspect.

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Did customers say which one? they wanted to see more recyclable packaging from the Asda supermarket chain

The poll revealed that Asda provides neither the noteworthy experience of Waitrose or M&S, nor the value of Aldi or Lidl. Asda has only scored two stars for the quality of its own brand products.

The shop reacted by pointing out that none of Which? He had visited one of his stores recently.

An Asda spokesman said: “We are always happy to receive feedback, but since 70% of the Who panel? Interviewed has not visited an Asda in the past six months, we do not believe that his findings are a true reflection of the experience of our 18 millions of weekly shoppers, who are looking for a supermarket that offers great value, range and service to customers who work on any budget.

“We are proud that our customers are recognizing it, with our online grocery service growing three times the market rate.

“We are constantly striving to improve our offer to our customers, both through the efforts of our industrious colleagues, the 1,272 new products that we launched in 2019, the 530 prizes we have won for quality, the 8,000 tons of plastic packaging from which we removed our stores from or the 22nd annual Grocer Award for being the cheapest supermarket. “

The evaluations

When it comes to food and drink, M&S lives up to its reputation, scoring five stars for both its brand and fresh produce.

But his overall customer rating of 73% left him languishing just below Waitrose, failing to match the store’s experience or competitive product range.

Aldi and Lidl were rated the best in value, both receiving five stars. Cheap supermarkets are seen as the best for those who want more for their money, with bargain prices that make customers much more forgiving for their less impressive traits, such as long lines, or useless or hard-to-find staff.

An Aldi customer said: “It is not a pleasant place to shop, but the value for money is exceptional”.

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Iceland is not up to its fresh produce and lack of recyclable packaging

Morrisons and Sainsbury’s made it to the middle table, with Tesco slipping just below and Iceland finishing second.

Shoppers said which one? who appreciate Iceland’s value for money, but that was not enough to increase its overall score. The supermarket failed to impress with its fresh products or product range and only got one star for the availability of recyclable packaging.

Who? a study also found that when shopping in stores, people were more frustrated waiting for help with self-service checkouts (26%) and lack of staff checkouts (25%).

Here are the overall scores of supermarket customers, according to Which? The following were evaluated for the appearance of the shop, product range, queues, availability and availability of staff, quality of products with their own label, availability of recyclable packaging and value for money:

  1. Waitrose – 76%
  2. Marks & Spencer – 73%
  3. Aldi – 71%
  4. Lidl – 67%
  5. Morrisons – 65%
  6. Sainsbury’s – 64%
  7. Tesco – 61%
  8. Iceland – 60%
  9. Asda – 58%

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