Antony Calvert


Antony Calvert reportedly posted posts on his Facebook account more than ten years ago

A Conservative election candidate resigned after historic social media publications about a Labor MP and Colonel Gaddafi.

Antony Calvert, who ran for Wakefield, also commented on food poverty, as reported in the Sunday Times.

At age 41, Facebook posts were more than 10 years old.

Mr. Calvert stated that his words "were certainly not intended to cause a crime".

In a note, Mr. Calvert reportedly wrote that if the former Libyan dictator Gaddaffi wanted to walk the streets without being recognized, "he would have had to flee to Bradford."

He is also accused of criticizing the appearance of Mary Creagh, Member of Parliament for Wakefield since 2005.

In a statement, Calvert said, "In the past 24 hours, several very historical articles from my personal timeline on Facebook have appeared in the media.

"Although I would rather get up and fight the assertions, these comments do not represent my views or those of the Conservative Party."

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Calvert's decision to resign comes a few days after Conservative candidate Nick Conrad withdrew for historical comment in which he said women should "keep their pants" in a conversation about rape.

And Labor candidate Gideon Bull resigned to Clacton, Essex, after he discovered he had used the word "Shylock" during a private meeting.