Warm, Pleasant Weather Midweek for Salt Lake City | Video | Univision 32 Salt Lake City KUTH

mayo.we have the information ofElena: Today thedry conditions and an increasein temperatures for everythingthe state of utah.we are seeing the influence ofa high pressure system thatlets skies mostlyabove normal.good weather prevails in theregón at least untilI trust, but to do dry and it does not goto leave a winter rushin our area. upcoming todaybetween 10to 15 above thosereported yesterday. the next oftoday over 56salt lake city, 54 in provo,milford reached this afternoon 63will continue to increase forpóximos ías.for tomorrow thursday, salt lakecity ​​can stay withmostly sunny skies and 44of temperature.in the afternoon, the nextthey are reaching 64,dry conditions in ourregon and light windswill continue with us untilweekends what for thatforehead.as system progressesfrontal, the winds willbecome more intense in thebe planned in the near futureyou were.tomorrow Thursday, nextnice, dry conditions.Friday, a cold front wasis going to be displacing, aslight decrease intemperatures. the good newsis that for Friday we are not goingto have winter precipitationin our area.mostly sunny skies goto prevail on the weekendtemperatures rise onSaturday, I said that the bestday of the end ofweek will be on Saturday forover 70. Sundaywe will see a slight decrease ofthe temperatures. in thenext ías, the conditionsthey will stay dry for

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