Wales centers Hadleigh Parkes and Jonathan Davies score a rare win over Australia

Warren Gatland felt that time was running out and the clock was blushing, and the feeling of concern as with the 64,110 Wales fans in the Principality.

"I thought, here we go, Deja Vu, we will lose at the last minute," said the Welsh head coach.

Wales was not far from beating Australia, but it had happened many times before, just to lose in the worst possible way. In 13 cases over 10 years.

But this time it was different.

Wales continued to beat Australia for the first time since 2008, and this time it was ironic as they inflicted late grief on the Wallabies.

"We learned from these experiences, our serenity towards the end, there was no serenity for me – I was struggling towards the end," said Gatland.

"But in fairness to the boys, they have dug deep.

"From a defensive point of view, it is the most enjoyable I have played against Australia, which was really enjoyable."

Biggar scores with a penalty against Australia

The victory, sealed with Dan Biggar's late punishment, brought Wales seven consecutive wins, the longest victory since 2005.

It was also a great time to beat Australia, which they will meet next year in their World Cup pool.

"We talked about what we are doing in terms of the plans for the World Cup and we feel that we have followed up on everything we said," added Gatland.

"I think the squad is in a great place right now and I think we will do really well in the next 10 months, and that's good.

"It's always nice to win this victory against a team from the Southern Hemisphere."

Hooper Rues taunted kicks

As Wales enjoyed picking up a decade-long Hoodoo, Australia had to despise its missed opportunities.

Twice they had the chance to score the goal to take the lead in the second half. Twice they decided to step into the corner. Twice they came away empty-handed.

"If I had time again, I would have gone for the shot," said Captain Michael Hooper.

"We tried to keep our foot on the ground, but probably my reading of the game was wrong.

"Looking back is obviously a nice factor, but I should have scored."

This was an eighth defeat of 11 Wallaby trials in 2018, well below the standards that the two-time former World Champion set himself.

Despite losing to Wales in 13 games, head coach Michael Cheika does not believe this result will affect the World Cup encounter.

"I do not think so [bearing]", he said." My opinion is that when you come to the game, nobody remembers what happened 10 years ago a minute ago. You think about what you will do for the next 80 years [minutes],

"Yes, it's in our nature that we want to look at how that can affect it, and kick it off as if it's a big domino game, but it's not really.

"When this game happens, it will be an individual moment in itself, and it's about who will be the best on the day."


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