Washington denies that it has made any decision in favor of Trump’s “position” in Western Sahara.

Por Lehbib Abdelhay / ECS

A spokesman for the US State Department said Tuesday that the Biden administration “has not made a decision on former President Donald Trump’s recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara.”

Quoted by the North American television network, Al Hurra, the official, on condition of anonymity, thus denies the news advanced a few days ago by the Israeli digital Axios, who had revealed that Antony Blinken had confided to Nasser Bourita that the Biden administration did not plans to review the December 10 decision made by Donald Trump.

“No such decision has been made. We are in private consultation with the parties to determine the best way forward and we have nothing more to announce, ”said the spokesperson.

Since his inauguration as the new US president, Biden administration officials have avoided addressing or responding to questions from the media about Trump’s recognition of Moroccan sovereignty over Western Sahara, and have stuck to highlight the support of the United States for the efforts of the United Nations to find a solution to the conflict.

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