Ron my main son!

Baffled buyers were crazy about Cristiano when the most famous footballer in the world went on a shopping spree in the Bullring in Birmingham.

A huge crowd grew when it became known that the Portuguese idol Ronaldo – surrounded by bodyguards – was in town earlier this month.

Fans posed for selfies with the man they thought was the Juventus and the former star of Manchester United and Real Madrid, while mothers whipped their phones and posed their kids with the "star."

Credit – TolaTheKurd.

But – in a dummy run worthy of the tall man himself – a Brummie joke was indeed the focus of attention.

The identity of the Lookalike remains a closely guarded secret, but was organized by the YouTube sensation TolaTheKurd.

Credit – TolaTheKurd.

He said, "Much has been planned to make and execute this prank, from the timing to the meeting, where the video should be shot, how many security forces were needed and how many actors we should have.

"I've done a lot of videos, but nothing like that, a lot of crazy tricks I've imposed on my family and the public, but it's my first false celebrity prank."

The real Cristiano Ronaldo.

The video was viewed more than 20,000 times on YouTube in the first 24 hours.

One viewer said, "This was the best video I've ever seen in my life, it was fantastic, keep it up."

Another said, "Hahaha, great video, brother, really loved the video, keep the great content going."

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